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Get to know a printing studio owning a superb scanner with a price tag of a supercar and its determination to raise the bar on printing quality: to make prints on a par with original artworks.

“As far as I’m concerned, there are only two scanners like this in Thailand: one at a tile company, which needs to scan large sheets of stone to achieve the highest quality and sharpest detail for its tile production, and the other one with me,” said AdisornChatburanon, or Arm, about his CRUSE scanner from Germany, which was installed on the second floor of his office only a few months ago. Despite the opposition from those around him about buying a scanner that was as pricey as a supercar, the founder and director of Adis 247 Company Limited, or ADIS ART STUDIO, bought one without any hesitation with the hope of taking his company’s printing capability to new heights.Thirteen years ago, Adisorn took over the family’s printing company from his father, even though he had planned to help out in the family’s textile business and had studied fashion management at Marangoni, a famous fashion institute in Milan, Italy. But as fate would have it, he ended up venturing into the printing business.

“My father had a textile business for 30 years before expanding to digital printing and print-on-demand services, such as printing of business cards and brochures,” said Adisorn. “When my father needed someone to help run this business, he asked me to help out.” From only offering basic services, the company had acquired an inkjet printer to offer a wider range of printing. Then, one day he had an opportunity to scan artworks by Italian artist Arianna Caroli with a high-end scanner abroad in order to produce reproductions. This is when he realized how a premium scanner can offer digital files of the highest quality that enhance the printing process and wanted to take the next big step in his printing business, thus the inception of ADIS ART STUDIO.

“I used to ask myself which direction to take if I wanted to further develop or expand the printing business. Most printing companies might focus on increasing production or how to have more printing jobs. But I had a different view. I wanted to enhance the capacity and quality of the staff, the company, the printing business and myself,” Adisorn explained.

The primary service of Adis Art Studio is scanning. A good scanner is a key factor in turning a painting or drawing into a digital file with the best quality, which will result in a quality print. To achieve this, during the digitization process, the colors of the original artwork and the digital file are compared, using a high quality monitor, and different color profiles are created for printing on different materials, such as or canvas or paper, to match the original colors of the artwork. With an 800dpi resolution, the scanner can capture the texture of brushstrokes. Such quality scanning helps to reduce printing limitations. For example, fine art printing and framing is now more efficient, offering the right colors. In addition, Adis Art Studio offers merchandise design and production services: printing scanned artworks on materials such as cloths and PVC sheets to produce merchandise such as bags, scarves, pillowcases, curtains, home decorations and stationery. The beautiful artworks add value to simple products.

“Not only does offering these services raise the level of our business, but being able to perform a good job makes me happy. And more importantly, these prints and products are really usable and can be kept for a long time, unlike disposable things like brochures and pamphlets.”

Several artists have placed their trust in Adis Art Studio to print their artworks on other materials, including Arianna Caroli, an Italian artist; Prang Vejjajiva, a female artist who loves painting cats; NuttawutKietchaiyakorn, a famed speaker who specializes in human resource development and the creator of the “Puro and the Demons” cartoon. “We only do artist-proved reproductions,” Adisorn said. “Artists will sign at the back of the works to specify the number of editions and guarantee that the printing quality matches the original artwork.”

“The main goal of Adis Art Studio is to maximize paintings and drawings so that they can appear on other materials and add value to the original artworks. At the same time, this is digital archiving. In the future, if an original artwork is no longer with the artist, he or she can still have it as a digital file.

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