Scanning Service


Gold scanning mode

Painting with or
without frame

Wood scan
for ceramic industry

Rock or granite
scan mode

We provide scanning service, digitalize painting or art piece to hi-resolution file. You can convert the output file to improve whatever print product.  Our process is simple and touchless. Your original piece will be placed on a special table, moving through the lens. Quality of the file you get from scanner is the best, absolutely better than the file from digital camera, file from the scanner can capture full details, brushstroke, texture and colours of the original.

  • Scan painting, photo, textile, amulet for preservation, reproduction print.
  • Scan wood, rock for reprint.

We still have special color scanning mode such as gold, silver or painting that comes in frame through standard glass or anti-reflective glass. Start from standard scanning 300 dpi to 800 dpi, there is extra service for retouch or color adjustment with EIZO monitor. You can download our price list from below link.

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”9665″ img2=”9667″ before=”Camera” after=”Scanner”]

Printing Service

Giclée art printing service is loved by illustrators, painters and photographers alike. We make colour-perfect Giclée prints for you, using the very latest technology. There are 7 sustainable art substrates in our hand-picked range such as

  • Canvas 400 gsm
  • Water color paper 300 gsm , smooth and textured
  • Photo paper for photography
  • Fogra Standard Proofing paper

Capable printing up to 2400*1200 dpi and with pigment ink, is dependently rated by Wilhelm Imaging Research for up to 200 years for colos and up to 400 years for black and white print.

EPSON P20001

High Resolution Printing
– Capable of printing up to 2,400 x 1,200 dpi
– Supports Epson Variable-Sized Droplet Technology as small as 3.5 picoliter

Color of Epson

UltraChrome® PRO Ink Technology
Next Generation 9-Color Pigment Ink Technology
- Outstanding color performancefor producing ivid and bright colors photographic colors or bold and rich graphics
- UltraChromeHDX, our Next-generation pigment ink technology, is independently rated by Wilhelm Imaging Research for up to 200 years for color and up to 400 years for black-and-white prints